Golden Word Sayings - By Titles "C"
- from 700 to 958 -

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700.  Charm The Five-Headed Cobra

Do not be a snake charmer to the snakes of the world.  Charm the five-headed cobra of your senses (sight, taste, smell, sound, and feeling).

Extract its four hundred trillion, ten thousand, poisonous teeth, lock it within the cage of your wisdom, and make it dance.  Then you will be a real snake charmer

701.  Do Not Try To Win Prizes From The World

702.  Mount The Horse Of The Breath Of Your Soul
703.  Shave Your Face Everyday
704.  Accept And Eat The Permissible Food From God
705.  Do Not Be Arrogant
706.  Making The Mind Peaceful And Tranquil
707.  A Crane Has A Selfish Motive
708.  An Eagle Can Balance In The Sky
709.  Do Not Take The Dog Of Desire
710.  The Pearl Oyster
711.  When A Cat Sets Out To Catch A Rat
712.  Collecting Water From A Pond
713.  Do Not Grow Crops On A Rocky Mountain
714.  Plow The Land With Wisdom
715.  Do Not Believe Your Eyes
716.  Place The Truth In Front Of You
717.  Everything White Is Not Milk
718.  Do Not Trust Mirages
719.  Flowers Which Resemble The Lotus
720.  When You Pray To God, Leave Behind The Supermarket List
721.  You Are Not Deceiving The World
722.  It Is Not Clever To Kill Others
723.  Curses, Black Magic, And Plots
724.  Cleansing The Karmic Dirt
725.  Pick The Original Apples
726.  Four Kinds Of Inherited Cancers
727.  What Is In Your Heart Will Come To Your Face
728.  The Vessel Of The Mind Has Twelve Holes
729.  The Eternal Flavor Of God's Truth
730.  The Slippery Mountain Of Mind And Desire
731.  The Thorns Of Desire
732.  Making Ocean Water Useful
733.  A Dog Finds Its Master
734.  The Parts Of The Body Help Each Other
735.  Avoid Outer Beauty And Its Hazards
736.  God Is Gold And Brass Is Brass
737.  The Body Of Man And The Body Of Teak Tree
738.  Fire That Purifies Water
739.  Within A Seed Is A Fruit
740.  The Fisherman's Net
741.  The Sandalwood Tree
742.  Two Types Of Blood Cells
743.  Earth And Body Of Man
744.  Vegetarian Food
745.  The Water In A Pond
746.  What God Has Given Woman
747.  A Pot To Fit The Lid
748.  A Banana Tree
749.  The Right And The Left

750.  The Taproot Of A Banyan Tree

The Shaikh said: Son, a banyan tree grows into a huge tree which can cover an area of nearly a mile.

Though this tree grows from only a tiny seed, its taproot goes very deep, and supporting roots spread out and fix themselves firmly. 

When the tree is firmly rooted, its weight does not affect it, and no matter how big a gale or storm may come, the roots hold on firmly because the taproot is strong and straight.  The supporting roots give additional strength to the taproot.

You are a man, are you not?

Similarly, if the taproot of iman, the taproot of faith, certitude, and determination in God, goes straight down within you, and the supporting roots of patience, inner patience, contentment (and gratitude), surrender to God, and praise to God, spread out to strengthen it, even if the weight of the whole world comes on you, even if poverty, illness, elemental ghosts, and all the troubles of the 18,000 worlds come to attack you, they will not be able to dislodge you.

If you have fixed your balance in the proper place, you will see God within you, and yourself within God.  None of these states will shake you up or make your mind waver.

It is because you do not have this balance, because you do not have the firm taproot of iman, that suffering is affecting you.  Because of this, even if you know there is a God, you are unable to derive any benefit from it.

751.  Winnow With Wisdom

752.  When Is Youth No Longer An Excuse?
753.  When Should A Shaikh Be Spoken Of?
754.  The Evil Itch Within
755.  Allah Knows The Heart
756.  Allah Cannot Bear Hurt To His Slave
757.  Picture World Of The Mind
758.  To Pray With The Idea Of Receiving
759.  Children Of Different Circumstances
760.  Search For Wisdom And Clear Your Heart
761.  The Tree Of Divine Knowledge ('Ilm)
762.  Scratch Your Own Back
763.  Do Not Leave A Parrot In Charge Of Your House
764.  On A Journey, Take Only Allah's Wealth
765.  Revelations Of The Puranas
766.  The Donkey And Its Burden
767.  How The Cobra Wooed The Frog
768.  Two Sections In The Heart
769.  Spit Anything With Wisdom
770.  Love Brings Out Different Actions
771.  The Love A Cat Shows A Rat
772.  A Dog Shows Love Through Gratitude
773.  Have You Realized Yourself?
774.  The State Of Intelligence That Gives A Foul Odor
775.  A Night Journey Through A Jungle
776.  Learning From The Shaikh
777.  A Blind Man And A Deaf Man
778.  Four Men Ask Advice From A Shaikh
779.  Measuring A Hole With A Limited Tail
780.  All Seeds Have Two Sections
781.  God's Grace Is The Shore
782.  A Tiger Alone In A Cave
783.  Four Buffaloes In The Forest
784.  A Vegetarian Cat In A Fish Market
785.  Ride The Horse Of You Mind
786.  Assess All That You See With Analytic Wisdom
787.  Give Allah's Property Back To Allah
788.  The Thieves Within Your Body
789.  Do Not Wage War To Capture Lands
790.  God's Creations Belong To The Same Group
791.  Sharpen The Blade Of Knife
792.  Look At An Ant
793.  A Camel Is Called The Ship Of The Desert
794.  Peel Your Bananas Before You Eat Them
795.  Do Not Write On Water
796.  Why Some Creatures Do Not Carry The Weight Of The World
797.  When You Plant A Beautiful Fruit Tree
798.  The Nature Of The Earth
799.  To Build A House, You Must Make Estimates

800.  The Skunk

The black and white skunk is very beautiful to the eyes, but the stench within the skunk is horrible.  Its smell is so disgusting that you cannot be within three hundred feet of it.

In the same way, man may also look beautiful on the outside when he wears beautiful clothes and jewelry, or when he has money and property.  But the stench of arrogance, karma, maya, selfishness, anger, pride, jealousy,  vengeance, deception, scheming, fanaticism, bigotry, and the other evil qualities within him is far worse than the smell of the skunk..

When this odor emanates from man, Allah and His benevolence, good qualities, compassion, and truth, will quickly fly away.

If man peels off and throws away the skin of external beauty which has such a repulsive odor, the resonance of Allah, His qualities, His fragrance, His actions, His unity, His peace, His equality, and His justice will come looking for him.

Many lives will come to him in friendship, and he will be a cooling fragrance to the hearts of all God's creations.  Cast away the external beauty which smells so awful inside, and acquire the inner beauty which is fragrant everywhere.

A man must strive to develop inner rather than outer beauty.  A beautiful fragrance must exist on the inside, a fragrance which can attract and enthrall everyone.  Inner beauty is God's beauty, God's love, God's compassion, and God' unselfish duty.

If you can develop that beauty and fragrance within yourself, it will be good.

801.  The Dangerous Discoveries Of Man

802.  What Man Experiences Will Depend On Where He Chooses To Stand
803.  The Fox Known As The Mind
804.  A Small Pond Will Not Give Drinking Water Forever
805.  Do Not Rely On Food From A Restaurant
806.  Make Every Speech To Yourself
807.  God Is The Emperor Of All Kingdoms
808.  Do Not Be Lazy
809.  Look At The World
810.  That Within Which Cannot Be Seen
811.  Truth Does Exist
812.  A Treasure Of Grace Within You
813.  The Unseen Light Within You
814.  How Can One Laugh While In Prison?
815.  The World Is A Rest House
816.  God Is Beyond Intellect
817.  Cry To A Man Of Wisdom
818.  Why Your Father Asks You To Speak
819.  The King And The Thirty-Second Minister
820.  Repairing The Dents Of Mind And Desire
821.  The Pond Depends On Rain
822.  Be Like The Fruit Tree
823.  The Ocean Of God's Knowledge ('Ilm)
824.  Within Us Are Two Pathways
825.  God's Justice Must Prevail
826.  Changing Seasons
827.  The Ocean Of Your Heart
828.  Do Not Follow Your Hunger
829.  Do Not Move Towards Death
830.  Do Not Feel Sorrowful About Your Poverty
831.  Destroy The Inner Jungle
832.  Chase Away The Tiger Within
833.  Follow People Who Are Good
834.  When A Crow Dies
835.  The Garb Of A Guru
836.  Do Not Roam Searching For God
837.  To Be Shaved Properly
838.  Do Not Waste Time With Useless Talk
839.  Do Not Ridicule God's Creation
840.  Do Not Say That Creation Is Crazy
841.  Tie Up The Dog Of Desire
842.  The Cat Within
843.  A Shaikh Must Know The Qualities Of His Children
844.  Do Not Waste Water
845.  Man Is Carrying The World
846.  What You Drink, Drinks You
847.  Discard The Thief Within
848.  Know God And Leave All Else Behind
849.  Your Attachments Make You Carry The World

850. Eat Only What Is Good - and only the good will eat you, only the good will be within you, serving you as the lights of God in the Kingdom of God, in Akhirah

A man came to the Sufi Shaikh, crying, "O Shaikh!  I am undergoing many  difficulties.  I have no means to eat."

The Sufi asked, "Son, why are you crying?  Come, sit down and learn."

What is eating you?  What do you eat?
What you eat is eating you.
If you stop eating it, it will stop eating you.

This is what you are eating: desire, mind, attachments, blood ties, selfishness, anger, hastiness, karma, arrogance, illusion, treachery, deceit, robbery vengeance, jealousy, ignorance, lack of wisdom, obsession, hatred, miserliness, greed, fanaticism, envy, intoxicants, lust, theft, murder, falsehood, and everything else that is prohibited.

Every day you continue to search for and devour the things which will one day turn around and devour you.  Give them up.

Discriminate between good and bad, permissible and prohibited.  Eat only what is good.  At every moment, you must praise Allah, and accept with contentment whatever He has set aside for you.

For whatever is to come at the next moment, give all responsibility to God.

The day you eat in this manner the food He has given you, that is the day the wealth of God's grace will blossom within you.  On that day, the darkness that was eating you from within will leave automatically.

851.  What Is Most Exalted In Your Life? - realizing that only Iman or purity is Islam, and that only God or the Light of God is Islam, and acting accordingly, is what makes our life exalted

My son, you must understand (your life).  What is most exalted in your life?  What gives splendor to your life?  You must understand whether you are One who has iman. 

Iman means purity, and purity means light.  Islam is light: lam - the light of (your) life, the light of your actions, the light of your prayers.  (And) the One to whom you intend to pray is Light.

There are five points (prerequisites) in Islam: first, patience; second, inner patience (sabur); third, contentment (shukur); fourth, absolute trust in God (tawakkul-Allah); fifth, giving all praise to God (Al-hamdu lillah).  These relate to khair, or that which is good. 

Islam is the state of understanding sharr or evil, and then establishing that which is khair (or good). 

These five points are the introduction to becoming a human being, and becoming Islam, becoming light.  If you lose them, you will be in a dark room, a room without light.

852.  This Is Meditation - being in the presence of God, in the presence of the True Shaikh

The Sufi gnani tells His disciples:  My children, come here (and let me explain to you the true meaning of prayer, and meditation).

Sit in the presence of the One who is forever, pray in the presence of the One who prays, see in the presence of the One who sees, speak in the presence of the One who speaks.  This is prayer.  This is meditation.

853.  Close The Nine Holes And Meditate Properly - stop deceiving yourself, instead, join with the True Shaikh to set the light to the inner heart, and then use that light to meditate on the Light know as God within your heart

There are two eyes in your face, but there are four hundred trillion eyes in your body which are the pores of your skin.

There are nine mouths (in your body): the two eyes, the two ears, the nose, the mouth, the navel, and the two below.

How can you think you are meditating with your eyes closed when you have all these eyes?  You must close all of these (eyes), and stop the speech of the (nine) openings of the body (before you can meditate on God).

Though you close your physical eyes, you allow all the other eyes and mouths to open and meditate on whatever they like.  This is not meditation.

By this, you are deceiving yourself, (you are deceiving) your birth, and your life.  To others you may seem to be in meditation, but for you it is hell.  All the nine mouths are screaming, all the millions and millions of eyes are howling, wanting everything they see. How can you meditate in such a state.

Learn to meditate properly.  Plug the nine holes in your body, close all the eyes, stop your speech, control yourself, dispel the earth, and chase the woman of illusion away from your mind.  Then you will know the benefit.

854.  Receive The Undying Fruit Of Allah's Grace

855.  Like Snow, Man's Elements Will Melt
856.  Maya's Illusory Beauty
857.  "Go Even Unto China To Learn 'Ilm (Divine Knowledge)"
858.  Do Not Harm Others
859.  Do Not Analyze Others
860.  You Intention To Hurt Others Is Killing You
861.  Certificates From The World
862.  Islam Is To Make Others Peaceful
863.  The Man Who Came To Kill The Rasul (Sal.)
864.  The Magnifying Glass Of Wisdom
865.  A Fish Cannot Live Without Water
866.  What Man Sees Is Dreams
867.  Clear The Inner Body With The Shaikh
868.  The Needle Of Wisdom
869.  The Cow And The Thirsty Dog
870.  A Tiger's Trip To The Village
871.  Do Not Call Your Ignorance Truth
872.  The Taproot For Man's Life
873.  The Empty Vessel
874.  A Small Door To A Huge Fortress
875.  The Lemon
876.  Flag Of Pride
877.  Faultfinding
878.  The Bud Of Truth And Wisdom
879.  What Is Great?
880.  The Net Of Desire
881.  Eclipse Of The Sun
882.  The Crab With Ten Legs
883.  The Flies Of Suffering
884.  Use Your Own Eyes
885.  The Frightening Cobra
886.  The Chameleon As A Guru
887.  Worrying And Escaping
888.  The Thirsty Travelers
889.  If You Want Milk
890.  Develop Love Within
891.  How To Make The Fellowship Grow
892.  A Man's Search For A Beautiful Wife
893.  The Bull Who Wanted More
894.  The Farmer's Loincloth
895.  How To Protect The Country
896.  Outer Destruction, Inner Calm
897.  Extract The Essence
898.  The Prayer In Allah's Presence
899.  How To Open The Heart

900.  Does God See The Balance Within Us?

Child: Does God always see the balance between a person's qualities, and the difficulties in his life?

His Holiness: God has given you everything.  He has given you rain.  He has given you high mountains and valleys.  He has given you oceans and lands.  He has given you everything - a body, life, everything.  You have to know that.

He has given you the way to climb up, to climb down, to walk, to sit, everything.  You must think.  He has given you the balance.

You must understand the balance you hold in your hands.  God does not need to examine the balance, because He has given you everything.

When trying to climb a mountain, you will fall if you lose your balance.  It is your responsibility (to maintain your balance).  He will merely watch.  He will look at you and say,

"O man, why have you lost your balance like this?"

But of course, if we fall He will lift us up.  He will comfort us and say,

"All right, in the future realize that when you climb a mountain you need a stick to support yourself.  Be careful."

He will comfort us when we fall in our ignorance.  He will come to save us and help us, and He will tell us,

"Should you not know this?  You need to be cautious, do you not?

But no matter how many times he comes to lift us up and help us, we continue to fall whenever we lose our balance.  It is in our hands.

There is a bridge between heaven and hell, a very subtle bridge of wisdom, which is as narrow as the edge of a sword.  To cross this bridge, first, we must surrender to God and leave the world behind.

Then we must walk carefully on the edge of that sword; illusion is on one side and hell is on the other.  As we walk, the storms of illusion and hell will try to knock us off the bridge, shoving us this way and that.

This is why we must leave behind the world of illusion, the world of maya.  We must walk across the bridge of wisdom with the balance of faith in God, in order to reach gnanam, divine wisdom.  If we lose our balance, we will surely fall.

901.  Why Are We Always Falling?

Child: Why are we always falling down?  His Holiness says it is our fault.

His Holiness: I did not say it was your fault.  If you are wondering why you are falling, you have only to look at it through wisdom. 

There must be some weakness, whether it is in the leg, the hand, the body, or in wisdom or faith; there must be some lack of strength in one of the supporting parts.
Because it has lost its strength, you have fallen down.

If you support yourself with the strong stick of faith in Allah, unwavering faith without the slightest doubt, you will not fall.  As long as that stick retains its strength, you will not fall.

902.  Awareness Of Inner Strength

Child: Is everyone born with an awareness of that strength?

His Holiness: A tree is contained within a seed, although we can not see it.  You have seen how the flowers, fruits, and leaves of massive trees grow from a tiny seed.

In the same way, the strength is within you, in your seed.  God has given you everything.  If you believe this with certitude, you will become aware of that strength.

903.  How Awareness Comes

Child: How does that awareness come?

His Holiness: You have the awareness.  Everything is within you.  The flowers are there, the branches are there, the leaves are there, the raw fruit, the ripe fruit, the taste, everything (is there).  Look within.

904.  Discover Awareness

Child: So you have to discover it, right?

His Holiness: It is because of your awareness that you scratch when you itch.  You have the perception to know where you itch, and your intellect tells you to scratch.  When you scratch in that place, you make it peaceful.

This is how you must find the treasure within you, using divine analytic wisdom.  Then you can avert whatever difficulties or dangers that come to you.

905.  Experience Other's Sorrows

Child: How can one progress from imagining another's sorrow and suffering to actually experiencing it as if it were his own?

His Holiness: Only if adequate wisdom, the quality of comforting, and the duty that God does emerge within you, will you have that experience.

It is a transformation within you that makes you experience the suffering of others as your own.

906.  Inhale The Sorrow Of Others

The rose flower has a fragrance which you can experience and enjoy.  You and the nose experience it together.

Just as you inhale the fragrance from the flower and enjoy it with your nose, you must inhale the sorrow of others with the nose of wisdom, experience it, and then comfort them.  This is Allah's work.  This is His duty.

907.  The Five Duties
908.  How To Perceive Satan
909.  A True Man's Existence
910.  Know Your World
911.  Death Is In Your Hands
912.  A Dream About Poisonous Wells
913.  Faith In Family Connections
914.  Who Has Seen The Rasulullah (Sal.)?
915.  On Bistami
916.  Are Heaven And Hell Created?
917.  Heaven Within The Qalb
918.  One Who Accepts The Kalimah Becomes It
919.  Rasulullah (Sal.) On Mi'raj
920.  Tying Up Our Camel
921.  Surrender To The Shaikh
922.  Physical Presence Of The Shaikh
923.  Your State In The Shaikh's Presence
924.  Recognizing Evil Qualities
925.  The Feeling Of "I" Separates You From The Shaikh
926.  Acquiring Wisdom From The Shaikh
927.  Explanation On Suratul-Kafirun
928.  The Shaikh As Traffic Policeman
929.  We Need Limits
930.  Has A King Ever Lived In Peace?
931.  Volcanoes Can Occur Within Us
932.  God Is Always In Front Of Us
933.  Separation From God
934.  When The World Praises You
935.  The Wealth Of A Miser
936.  A Poisonous Tree Has No Benefit
937.  Desire Is Of No Use
938.  None Of These Are Of Any Use
939.  None Of These Will Result In Good
940.  None Of These Will Result In Clarity
941.  Expectations
942.  Scratch The Place That Itches
943.  Understand How To Patch A Leak
944.  Trust In Allah
945.  Anger Is The Guru Of Sin
946.  All Creations That Kill Lives Are Dangerous
947.  The Eternal Fragrance
948.  With Wisdom, Select The Right Fruit
949.  Prayers That Are Salaried
950.  The Work In A Fish Market
951.  The Honeybee Searches Only For Honey
952.  Research The World And Yourself
953.  The Wise Disciple At The Pond
954.  The Apple Tree
955.  The Apple Seed
956.  Rabi'atul-Adawiyyah's Four Question
957.  Hasanul Basri Proposes Marriage To Rabi'atul-Adawiyyah
958.  Ibrahim Ibn Adam And The Camel On The Rooftop